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Flights to Las Vegas: How to Get There on the Cheap

Let's face it. Flights to Las Vegas aren't inexpensive. If you're flying from the East or Midwest, an airline can charge $300 - $500 for the ticket alone, leaving you on your own book a hotel room without knowing if it's a good deal or not. Not any more, One of the best things that ever happened to the travel industry is the Internet. No longer are travelers limited to booking through travel agents. Now, you can book online right on an airline's website or better, find discounted fares on many travel-oriented Internet sites. Even so, you should know when looking for reasonably priced flights to Las Vegas about some tips and tricks.

As you can imagine, there are flights to Las Vegas from all over the world. Often described as "Disneyland for adults," visiting Las Vegas is a unique and unforgettable experience than can only be enhanced if you find flights to Las Vegas that fit your budget.

The first step in finding inexpensive flights to Las Vegas is to do a bit of research. The Internet makes research easy and a few minutes of research can result in substantial savings when you book your trip. A major focus of your research should be to determine if booking your flight and hotel together would save you any money. Flights to Las Vegas are notoriously cheap, but a good hotel might not be. It all depends on your preferences. Part of the Las Vegas experience is its exotic hotels - places where you can indulge your fantasies. This is not the place to choose a cheap motel to go along with cheap flights to Las Vegas.

You'll never regret staying at the opulent Luxor, with its ancient Egyptian theme. You might prefer the upscale Hollywood atmosphere of the MGM Grand or the European flair of Bellagio or Paris. These hotels often make special deals with the airlines to provide rooms at a discounted rate for the airline passengers who've booked flights to Las Vegas. Here's an example: If you're traveling from a Midwestern city like Columbus, Ohio, a round trip flight on Southwest Airlines cost about $390 in 2008. If you book a package through Southwest that includes flight and hotel, the price is about $420 in 2008. So, why not book a package?

Another piece of advice is to join the email list of carriers of flights to Las Vegas like Southwest and others, so you'll be the first to know when a travel bargain crops up. It also helps if you can book on off-peak days and at off-peak times. There are sure to be plenty red-eye return flights from Las Vegas available at rock-bottom off-peak prices. Something else you can do to assure cheap flights to Las Vegas is to book at least 14 days or more in advance. Also, consider flights that aren't direct. If there are stops or if you have to catch a connecting flight, the price is likely to be lower.

Why not plan on using the money you save at a trendy Las Vegas restaurant owned by a famous chef like Wolfgang Puck or Emeril Legasse? Just be sure to book your reservations well in advance.

Don't forget to consider the Nevada climate when searching for flights to Las Vegas, The city's dessert climate can cause temperatures to rise over 100 degrees in the summer. If this type of heat isn't an issue, consider booking your trip in summer. Spend the money you save taking cabs everywhere (cabs are reasonably priced) instead of walking in the heat. Otherwise, book flights to Las Vegas in spring and fall when temperatures are more moderate but prices are higher.

And don't think that inexpensive flights to Las Vegas are for gamblers only. There are plenty of other things to do like visiting the Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam. Las Vegas also has cultural attractions like Guggenheim Las Vegas museum and the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. Surrounded by the picturesque Mojave Desert, the city is an oasis of entertainment that's easily reached from practically anywhere via discount-priced flights to Las Vegas. Las Vegas truly has something for everyone, especially if you're willing to indulge in the city's many fantasies.

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